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My Main Toon - Leatherworking and Skinning

Autumnn's Alts

My Horde PvE Hunter - Enchanting and Skinning

My Horde Druid - Leatherworking and Tailoring

My poor little underequipped Warlock - Engineering and Enchanting

And my Horde PvP toon


Dartol's Rod of Transformation

Dartol's Rod of Transformation
Binds when picked up
Use: Transforms you into a Furbolg for 3 min.
Cooldown: 1 min
2 sec cast
Item Level 1

This is an Alliance only quest.

Starts in Ashenvale.  DO NOT FINISH THE ENTIRE QUEST!  You will stop mid way through or you will lose the rod.  Below are the steps you want to follow.  Once you get the rod in step 4 do not accept the next part of the quest line.

Step 1:Raene's Cleansing
    [Level 21]
Step 2:Raene's Cleansing
    [Level 27]
Step 3:Raene's Cleansing
    [Level 28]
Step 4:Raene's Cleansing
    [Level 28]


Thunderbrew's Boot Flask

Obtained: Quest
Faction: Alliance
Min Level: 40
Starting Zone: Westfall
Quest giver: Grimbooze Thunderbrew

This quest if given by the dwarf in the mountains by Moonbrook/Dead Mines in the middle of bandits. When you were younger he wanted you to give him beer, now he is willing to share his brew.

Step 1:Sweet Amber
    [Level 44]
Step 2:Sweet Amber
    [Level 44]
Step 3:Sweet Amber
    [Level 44]
Step 4:Sweet Amber
    [Level 44]
Step 5:Sweet Amber
    [Level 44]


Thunderbrew's Boot Flask
Binds when picked up
Use: Deals 50 Fire damage every 1 sec for 5 sec to all enemies in front of you. Gets you quite drunk too!
Cooldown: 30 min
Item Level 44

You blow out a flame that looks like the kind drakes breathe.


Goblin Rocket Launcher


Goblin Rocket Launcher
Binds when equipped
+45 Stamina
Requires Engineering (350)
Requires Goblin Engineer
Use: Fire a powerful rocket at the enemy that does 960 to 1440 damage and stuns them for 3 sec. This thing has quite a kick though...
Cooldown: 2 min
3.5 sec cast
Item Level 70

Ironforge Banner

High above the hustle and bustle of Ironforge is a tiny flag.  This flag sits on the highest point of the mountains and is where the dwarves laid claim to the hill of Ironforge.  With a little mountain climbing you can stand above the city. 

Wetlands Dwarf Farm

The only way we have found to get to this area is to go to the Ironforge Airport first and then very carefully go down the mountain.  Standing at the airports griffon master start heading down the mountain and head a little left (west).  Just follow the paths you feel is safest to go down.  You will soon see the buildings of the farm. 

This area is completely lighted, has a road within it, and had NPCs walking around.  The few you can talk to behave like IF guards telling you how to get to a few places but always leading to IF. 

Old Ironforge

Legend has it Old Ironforge was an open area in Beta but it took too much for the servers to run it that they closed it off.  Even though Blizz is better equipted they still havent reopened the area. 

Info and Pics behind the cutCollapse )

Ironforge Airport

My hubby got an itch to find the airport and by watching this video we were able to get there.  We are both hunters, level 35 and 42, and no mount or special potions or anything was needed.  Below are some screenshots of our adventure including how to look inside the backdoor to IF.  I am currently looking for lore to this area.